The rainy season has officially arrived in Panama and the revitilizing affects of spring slowly take affect. After a dry summer the arid hills in the Boquete District could cerainly use lots of watering and this year there is no disappointment as we have been recieving record rainfalls.

One of the new & beautiful improvements to Boquete is the new town sign. Located at the CEFATI look out, its hard to miss as it draws a crowd of tourists and locals alike facinated with the colorful life size lettering.  The sign is part of a national marketing campaign to encourage tourism to the country.


Another of the new & beautiful additions to Boquete is a brand new state of the art supermarket.  The old Deli Baru has gotten a long awaited upgrade to “Super” status as the new Super Baru, located just off main street across from Caja de Ahoros. The Grand Opening Friday May 5, 2017 was a celebration of free food and crowds of people out to investigate what the new supermarket had to its advantage over the older Romero.  Many were pleasantly relieved to find lower prices and higher quality products previously impossible to get here in our town.  In addition the management has been handing out free items such as cooking oil and other products at the checkout to show appreciation for customer support.  Romero being the former supermarket leader has always been known for higher prices and since the new Super Baru has  started operations it has raised prices to offset the loss of revenues.

Everywhere you look there are new and beautiful additions to Boquete.  Is there something that you would lke to share with the community?  A new & beautiful addition to Boquete that you are particularly proud of?  Please comment below and share it with us.



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