Omar Montenegro is like most other people.  He has a family, a regular job, and dreams.  He dreams of becoming a Fine Arts Master with his canvas and oil paints.  Omar has been expressing himself on the canvas from the age of 10 years old, , now 50 years old; he has lived all his life in Boquete and works at Tika Bar painting in his free time.

When he is not managing Tika Bar or painting he loves to collect various flora to add to his collection of small plants.  Currently he has over 108 different species in his collection.  He dreams of one day being able to retire the bar all together and paint exclusively.

This showing on BoquetePanama.Info is Omar’s debut online selling his artwork.  You can order directly thru BoquetePanama.Info.  *Orders made in Boquete will be hand delivered for free.  For all outside shipping, please add $30, handling & delivery.

You can view Omar’s Art for sale by visiting:




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