Starting a new business online is not as difficult as you think. If you ask an expert they will tell you the truth, “Its not rocket science.” Manuevering the world of online secure payments merchant accounts and their systems might as well count because I am not technically inclined says my friend here however dont fret, our resident expert is going to put it in lay mans terms that way you have an excellent opportunity to shine.

First create your free wordpress website.  Many web hosting services include a one step installation automating your installation.  If you need more help installing a wordpress website, go HERE.

Next go to and apply for your debit MasterCard online.  This option is specific payment option that has been set up to work in Panama and much of Central America.  I have been very satisfied with my Payoneer account since I have signed up.  It allows me global payment options like having an account in the country of my choosing.  There is a $40 DHL delivery option which I exercised and worked in about 10 days from the day that I ordered it.  However the second time I decided I would test out our local Panamanian Mail System and adressed my mail to “General Delivery – Entrega General”.  I was pleasently surprised to find that my card arrived in my local post office located right here in Bajo Boquete next to the museum rail car.  Yes!  It works.  Login to your payoneer account and enjoy payment/ transfer options that you can now link to your WordPress Website.

Once you have your WordPress installation stable add the template specific plugins as well as woocomerce and stripe for woocomerce.  Stripe for woocomerce will link effortlessly to your  Payoneer.  You can also create custom invoices and options for recurring subcriptions to be delivered in the future.  You can also set the frequency which Strip scans your account and deposits your money on your Payoneer Debit MasterCard.

Now all you have to do is have a fantastic product that the entire World needs to know about!  Create your first products in woocomerce and cross market using Social Media for the most impact.  Your established payflow will start your business on the road to risidual incomes and positive cash flows.

If you did not find that at all easy and would like a private consulation about setting up a website to collect payments as described above you can email or call +507-6533-0884 .  You can also opt to choose us to set up your system for fee.


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