Delicias Chiriqui is located in downtown Boquete next to the bridge and ice cream parlor.  Venezuelan Pastry Chef Frank makes cakes , breads, pasteries, salads fresh daily.

Freshly baked delectibles arrive at 11am and 3pm in the afternoon 7 days a week.  The house specialty deserts are Tiramisu, Chocolate Mouse, and NY cheesecake.

Breakfast is available daily from 9:30am and lunch from 12pm noon till closing.  Enjoy a breakfast coissant baked with ham, cheese, creme fraiche, quiche, eggs cooked to order and Boquete’s freshest coffee.

For lunch choose from soup of the day, fresh avocado and crab salad, caesar salad, quiche, sandwiches and the finest deserts.

Choose from our selection of cakes below and checkout your order today: