Boquete is getting redy for the 31st Annual Orchid Expo – Expo de Las Orquideas beginning April 7th – 16th 2017.  For those of you that are new to Panama during this time little as far as business will take place in Panama.  It is a time for celebration food friends and family.  So you are new to Boquete and want to know more about what to expect in advance?

The Expo of the Orchids coincides and culminates with Easter Sunday April 16th, however;  Semana Santa or Holy Week begins on Sunday the 9th thru – 16th.  If you have to do absolutely any banking, please make sure and check with your institution but for most of this week there will be no banking or institutional operations.

The town of Boqutee will be draped wall to wall with vendors of items people forgot to bring like gloves or sunglasses.  And the best part is there are food vendors with all types of tasty bits for you to enjoy as you walk along and take in the fresh mountain breezes  If you are planning on visiting you would be best to reserve now if you have not already.  It is extremely hard to get reservations during this time and many hotels/hospices/hostels will require you to leave a deposit in order to reserve in advance.

Getting around Boqute is a chore during festivals as streets are closed down entirely to allow for pedestrians to walk freely.
The public bus for instance will usually leave from main street next to Mandarin instead of it’s normal spot along side Baru Restaurant.  Taxis are difficult to catch as there are more than 20,000 visitors expected to be in town.  Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get a taxi, just be patient.  Standing at the bus stop at the Central Park Fountain I’ve found is an easier way to catch taxis going to Alto Boqute and points related.

Look forward to a spectacular show of orchids and a fair ground full of visitors.  The week of festivities ends Easter Sunday with the Procession of the Cross through the streets of Boquete and a performance of The Passion of the Christ for the entire family to enjoy.

We will update this story with photos during Semana Santa 2017 so please check back or like our Facebook Page for updates.


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